Saturday, February 28, 2015

Cat's Eye 76 and Tree in the Sunlight 29

Still working on Shut Hell, tons of pictext so it's taking a bit. It will be finished soon, sorry for all the delays on it.

Cat's Eye 76
Tree in the Sunlight 29

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Azumi 88, Cat's Eye 75, Gilgamesh 2

Shut Hell's been delayed due to losing the files I was working on for the next chapter. I'm redoing it now and I'll do my best to have it done soon, hopefully tomorrow.

Azumi 88
Cat's Eye 75
Gilgamesh 2

Monday, February 23, 2015

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Kyomu senki chapter 1


With our mates at Dynamic Pro we're bringing a classic Ishikawa out! I'll let Dynamic say everything that needs saying:

Kyomu Senki (The Void Chronicles), created/penned by Ken Ishikawa, is a manga that can be considered the sister series to Getter Robo Saga. Like Getter Robo saga, Kyomu Senki is a compilation of a number of Ken Ishikawa manga series that fit into the same continuity. Kyomu Senki includes such series as Kyomu Senshi Miroku, Skull Killer Jakioh along with its direct sequel Jakioh Bakuretsu, Tiger of 5,000 Light Years and a few other manga series. The edition of Kyomu Senki that we'll be scanlating is the 2002 Futabasha 5 volume compilation (the most recent printing of this series so far and the last before Ken Ishikawa unfortunate death).

Translating and typesetting this series for us is someone new - he goes by the name Takeru Kyori and he's been doing a bang-up job at localizing Kyomu Senki! Thanks to him, we can start this project without waiting to complete Shin Mazinger Zero. A true hero for Dynamic Pro fans! And of course, I have to thank HappyScans! for their help on this project and for miraculously getting their hands on this manga series in the first place! I had been trying to get Kyomu Senki shipped out of Japan for years to no avail (it would run hundreds of dollars) and HappyScans! stepped up and did the impossible. Thanks so much, guys!

Scanning this series has been a challenge in one major way. The books, which are long out of print, are old and used. Consequently, there's some sort of... gunk... on the pages. It's a multitude of faint yellowish stains all over each page. I really have no idea what it is and I'm cursing the original owner. Anyway, I tried to clean the gunk as best as I could without compromising the art in any way but you're still going to see it on the pages, with some being worse than others. Hopefully it shouldn't detract from your enjoyment too much.

And one last note - this chapter features a lot of Buddhist mantras which we have left in their original form. The few of them that had a Japanese translation we have also translated into English. Anyway, that's about it! Enjoy the first chapter of Kyomu Senki!!

Friday, February 20, 2015

Azumi Chapter 87, Charcoal Burner chpter 5, Cat's Eye 74 and Demonic Resurrection Chapter 5

First announcing: New Vagabond is being edited now. and new Shut Hell as well...that one might be a bit, but don't worry, it's still coming.

Okay, some bad computer's having some problems. The hinge on the screen is broken, so I'll be sending it in for repairs. We hope this won't hold things up too much, but a few things I was checking, like Wolf Guy and one other thing, will be a mite...delayed.  Please bear with me.

To make up for that, I'm giving you all some nice releases today.

In Azumi, it's time for the village festival! Everything seems nice, but then...well, it's the return of a pair of enemies who are hell bent on...less than pure purposes for Azumi. It's the end of Volume 11!

And Cat's Eye 74: A Man's Vow! Rui sure makes a convincing man, doesn't she? Also: more with Rui? always welcome. Easily the best of the girls

Chapter 5 of Charcoal Burner: The Supervisor: We get a glimpse into the world outside the woods for once, and our charcoal burner forms a curious bond with an inhabitant of the woods

And finally: Thanks be to Sofa King for this amazing chapter of Makai Tensho. Jubei has some difficulties with his father being part of Amakusa's dark plot, and needs to perform some last rites... Here's Chapter 5 of Demonic resurrection!